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The_most_photogenic_place_I've_been_to trip 2018.07.05

Second trip. 

Today is a beautiful day so finally we get to go to Biyang do. We start our day at 8:30 waiting for the bus.




We wait for about 30 minutes but the bus still isn't arriving. 




So we decide to move bus stop to a more central one. The walk isn't bad but as we're walking we get the feeling we will miss the bus so we walk with a fast pace.




We finally get on the bus. It's an hour ride since we get off at Jeju bus station to switch bus. 




After 3 hours we arrive at Hansu, where we will take the boat.




It truly is a beautiful day but we are starting to feel the heat.




We buy our tickets but we still have time to kill so we find a restaurant and eat.




Today's menu is bibimbap and fried shrimps, with a lot of banchan! 




It was very good. As you can see, we finished everything.




It's 12 PM when we get out of the restaurant and the boat is at 2 PM. We decided to stroll by the sea and visit the port. Sol and I got to take very incredible photos since there was no one at the port. 

(Now you will witness our energy slowly slowly disappear since it was very hot.)




The sky and the water were truly beautiful. 




Even the view of the city was perfect.




The little bump in the sea is the island we will climb in not long.




No matter how many time you see this view, you will never get tired of it, I can guarantee it. 




One last...




Now let's go, Biyang do is waiting for us!!




Ahhh! We couldn't stand the heat so we got a drink at the convenience store. We then get in the boat, the ride isn't long. It is exactly 14 minutes.




Getting closer...




We decided to start our visit with THE climb. Who knew we would be welcomed by a scary amount of stairs...




Here is how the road looked like. Very green, the whole island is full of trees and other natural goods. Reminds me of my home country... 




Obstacle: A bamboo forest. 

We really had to bend down to be able to pass. There was a lot of shade in there so it was at least refreshing.




As we walk and walk more, we are hit with this view on Jeju Island. The guide said that of all the islands, Biyang do has the best view on Jeju. Hallasan is visible as well as neighboring Orums.




But the climb isn't over. We still have a tiny bit left.




" See the light where the sky hits the sea, it's blinding. And no one knows, how far it goes.




I think the guide is right. This is the best view I've ever seen.




Even the lighthouse looks like it's standing at the edge of the world.




As we go down, we spot a heard of black goats.




Just strollin' ...




When our 2h on the island expire, we get on the boat but Sol thinks she forgot her cellphone on a bench so she sprints and comes back.

Actually, it was in her backpack the whole time... We laugh a lot, we are tired and hot.




The bus ride back is full, we're lucky to get a place, but we're separated.. :(




I hope this becomes a trademark, hehe. Another shot of me with a sleeping Sol.





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